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Polk CPA Firm, PLLC is committed to helping transportation businesses save money on taxes and efficiently manage finances to increase profits. Some transportation businesses struggle in the face of rising operational and fuel costs. But, when you become our client, we'll help you minimize expenses, reduce taxes, and streamline accounting processes to maintain a competitive edge.

We're highly experienced in transportation accounting and support businesses in every segment of the industry including maritime, logistics, trucking, and passenger delivery. From small family-owned businesses to multi-state corporations, we customize our accounting services to fit the needs of each client. We'll work hard to create a tax strategy that will limit tax obligations, increase profitability, and allow your business to reach its full financial potential.

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Transportation Accounting Services

maritime accounting

Maritime Accounting Services

Powerful accounting solutions to save time for busy maritime transportation businesses.


Transportation Logistics Accounting

Tax-efficient accounting for warehousing, storage, and logistics companies.

transportation accounting

Ground Transportation Accounting

Accounting and tax planning designed to drive taxes down and profits up.

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Bryan Polk, CPA

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